Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Elsewhere is Nowhere

19 Jan - 04 Mar 2017

Sven Bergelt, Videostill aus The Inner Circle, 2008
19 January – 04 March 2017

Curators: Sven Bergelt, Ya-Wen Fu

The exhibition Elsewhere is Nowhere takes contemporary humanitarian values and current geopolitics in Europe, Africa, and Asia as a starting point for its examination of the subject of “escape”. The escape of refugees has becomes an inherent part of the globalised world, an inseparable aspect of the present.

The core question proposed by this exhibition is: Are there topoi inherent in the theme “escape” which can exist independently of its causes? The artists do not deal with social or political case studies; instead the exhibition collects artworks that approach the topic through formal abstraction. The aim is to find intercultural and transnational perspectives and similarities that spark reflections upon the subject “escape”, while deconstructing the stereotypical media image and directing visibility to the typically invisible yet ubiquitous realms.