Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Kommentar als selber was

02 Apr - 09 May 2009


Exhibition: April 2 – May 9, 2009
Opening: April 1, 2009, 19:00

Concept & Organization: Galerie C&V

Artists: Charles Arnold, Michael Baers, Markus Binner, Jeanne Faust, Boris Kahnert, Julia Krause, Jochen Lempert, Ralo Mayer, Lars Nowak, Willem Oorebeek, Gunter Reski, Eva Riekehof, Christoph Rothmeier, Adnan Softic and Caspar Stracke
Is it possible to present commentary as something in itself? Or does it immediately become lost in independence, wandering aimlessly out of sheer autonomy?
We say no.
Alone when it is placed upon a pedestal, commentary shines and glitters in all its relationality.
It is a display of self-commentary and commenting each other, changes in media and shifts in time, photos about photos, texts as works on works, posters about posters, illuminations on space. References are own works and trophies of art history as well as favorites of the appropriation art community; the 2nd order commentary reveals the unintentional; the popular context cannot be missing, nor the site-specific. And the question of when what was spoken.
On one hand, the event program in the framework of Kommentar als selber was
Will expose historic positions to this perspective, and on the other, through performances it will let commentary speak in the fleetingness of the moment.

Tags: Jeanne Faust, Jochen Lempert, Ralo Mayer, Willem Oorebeek, Gunter Reski