Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Mutant Attack of The Sequential Superorganism

25 Apr - 09 Jun 2013

Concept/Organization/Curated by: Dr. Sabine Perthold & Gabriele Szekatsch
25 April - 9 June 2013

Participating artists: Elias Berner, elffriede i.a., Thomas Fatzinek, Walter Fröhlich, Katrina Göschl, Lena von Lapschina, Mara Mattuschka, Nick Prokesch, Hans Scheirl, Cynthia Schwertsik, Gabriele Szekatsch, Jörg Vogeltanz, "z.b.: subtextosomation" – Barbara Viktoria Kaiser & Tamara Wilhelm

Warning – Expansion hazard! For the test tubes tagged with categories will now be opened! – Objective: To subject the basic element “Image” to multidisciplinary mutations, proliferations, and syntheses.
In reciprocally-acting processes the auratic image mutates into sequences fused with bodies, space, sound, and text that expose the multiple identity of a complex superorganism. – Sprawling without boundaries, the superorganism fabricates its own Dasein universe, wherein it anarchistically celebrates the complexity of its communication potential.
The exhibition presents current trends and intermediary syntheses in sequential art. Approaches have been selected from different artistic fields such as painting, performance, classic and experimental comic forms, film, installation, graphics, literature, and experimental music. The interfaces of the “superorganism” generate new aspects and perspectives, positioned for attacks on perceptual practices.

Tags: Mara Mattuschka, Hans Scheirl