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No Future Work Over

12 Feb - 22 Mar 2014

No Future Work Over, 2014
12 February - 22 March 2014

Participants: NO FUTURE Komplex (currently Mitra Wakil, Stephan Janitzky, Sebastian Stein, Anne Faucheret, Michael Dobrindt) together with a broad range of friends and invited guests (Kerstin Stakemeier, Mattin, Marina Vishmidt, and others)

As we conclude from recent observations, it would seem as if production and practice in the context of contemporary art and related theory are increasingly adopting a specific formatting. The dominant features include:
1) individual authorship claims
2) conceptual-discursive explanations of the world
3) increasingly hermetic academic-professional expertise

This is not a good development, in our opinion. Thus it seems more than appropriate that we once again put ourselves in situations in which we can re-examine our personal motivations and the formal circumstances of our production and practice; in other words, the conditions in which we think, act, produce, and ultimately live. To this end, we and our guests will attempt to find formal set-ups that help us to grasp this complex with means other than language. Let’s see where this

Tags: Stephan Janitzky, Mattin