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Offers for re-enacting

20 Sep - 27 Oct 2007

Offers for re-enacting
Do 20.09.2007 – Sat 27.10.2007
Opening: Wed 19.09.2007

Artists: Ursula Biemann (tbc), Tue Greenfort, Anne König/Jan Wenzel, Kristina Leko, René Lück, Nils Norman, Dan Peterman, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Simon Starling, Ingo Vetter
Curators: Sophie Goltz und Vera Tollmann

Since the ozone hole, global warming, the tsunami catastrophy and the New Orleans flood, the themes of sustainability and sustainable development are again on the political agenda and in the media. A whole industry of fear lives off of it as a film like ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ shows. The contemporary art discourse addresses the dominance of the technocentric and economistic nature of the sustainability discussion in a critical, destructive or ironic manner thereby distinguishing itself from an all too moralistic impetus. What remains from the western metanarrative (Ulf Wuggenig) ‘sustainable development’ which promises salvation through technological innovation and instrumental reason? Following political scientist Alain Lipietz, the exhibition poses the question of cultural revolution, the blindspot in the sustainability discussion which addresses perception and evaluation schemes as well as dispositions of action (lifestyles). At the same time it is also questioning if such an ambivalent thought like sustainable development can be a subject matter of art?

Tags: Ursula Biemann, Tue Greenfort, René Lück, Nils Norman, Dan Peterman, Simon Starling, Vera Tollmann