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Origo (At Point Zero of the Point of View)

17 Jan - 01 Mar 2013

Karl Bühler
Theory of Language: The Representational Function of Language, translated by Donald Fraser Goodwin in collaboration with Achim Eschbach, John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam, 1990, p. 117
17 January - 1 March 2013

With works of Jennifer Grimyser | Elisabeth Grübl | Manfred Grübl | Michael Kargl | Arnold Reinthaler | Stefan Riebel | Ignacio Uriarte | Anita Witek
Curated by Birgit Rinagl | Franz Thalmair

I always refers to the person who is currently speaking. In the same way the words here and now relate to the respective linguistic action, its protagonists, and its situational context. Hence, I, here, and now refer to different subjects, to different points in time, and to different points of view.

The exhibition Origo (At Point Zero of the Point of View) builds upon the “Theory of Language” that Karl Bühler formulated in the 1930s and translates it into the realm of visual art. The aim of this transfer is to explore the questions Bühler posed on the variability of a person-dependent, individual, and thereby subjective point of view and to interpret them in a contemporary societal context through artistic means: Who addresses whom in which relationship and with which intentions? Which different concepts, perceptions, and ideas are linked to one and the same artistic expression? How does the perspective of the producer manifest in the act of artistic expression and that of the recipient in the process of perception? The curatorial research is centred around the concept of the “origo”, which underpins the assumption that artistic forms of action enable revisions of one’s own point of view and worldview by leading the observers to the point zero of the “coordinate system of ‘subjective orientation’”.

Tags: Manfred Grübl, Ignacio Uriarte