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17 Nov - 17 Dec 2011

© Christine Woditschka
Perücke, 2010
Paradoxe Ansätze künstlerischer Arbeit unter pseudotherapeutischem Vorzeichen
17 November - 17 December, 2011

Artists, Art Critics: Barbara Buchmaier (DE), Niels Betori Diehl and Barbara K. Prokop (DE/IT, CDN/AT/DE), Matthias Krause (DE/TR), Tere Recarens (ES/DE), Dominik Sittig (DE), Christine Woditschka (DE), Birthe Zimmermann (DE)
Concept: the participants, initiated by Christine Woditschka

Niels Betori Diehl und Barbara K. Prokop zeigen Arbeiten von: Zosa Gavin (CH), Manrico Lai (IT), Hugo Alejandro Perez (C), Ralitsa Schorlemmer (BG/DE), UnDefinedBroadCast (N), Jonas Van de Merwe (ZA), James I. White (USA)
Matthias Krause works in cooperation with Philipp Ackermann and Paul Philipp Heinze.

Every step is a step on the stage. A performative circle dance of intentional and unintentional rocailles runs its course. Critical observation of living and working conditions as a protagonist in the art context, hence the mirroring of present connections and self-standards takes center stage. Roles will be reflected. The economic-materialistic contingency of the context in which we move will be forced into the light. Strategies for the production of meaning, which always reflect the present power constellations, and the successful self-performance become remnants of the production of intrinsic value. The inherently paradoxical concept is an expression of a pseudotherapeutic approach.

Tags: Tere Recarens, Dominik Sittig