Kai Zastrow

30 Mar - 14 May 2006

Kai Zastrow
Everyday is not like everyday: The 120th Day, Queensday NL
30 March - 14 May 2006
ATTENTION: location is tNt (Herengracht 498, corner Vijzelstraat)

In the historic tNt building at Herengracht 498, on the corner of Vijzelstraat, Foam offers an unique photo project entitled Everyday is Not Like Everyday, initiated by Kai Zastrow and Vilja Machgielsen. They invited 70 leading Dutch photographers to produce work inspired by one of the most remarkable days of the year in Holland: the Queen’s Birthday.

The result is a visual reportage - a complete, surprising and varied survey of an amazing day which everyone experiences in their own way and no one in Holland ever misses.
Participants in the project include an array of photographers, architects, and filmmakers, among them Bertien van Manen, Desirée Dolron, Gerald van der Kaap, Anuschka Blommers/Niels Schumm, Johannes Schwartz, Gerard Wessel, Viviane Sassen, Diana Blok, Bianca Pilet, Hans Eijkelboom, Marnix Goossens, Otto Snoek, Koen Hauser, Jacqueline Hassink, Martijn van der Griendt, Martine Stig, Thomas Manneke, Melanie Bonajo and many, many more.

Accompanying the project is a book entitled Everyday is Not Like Everyday, published by StillAndMoving Stichting which will be presented at the opening on 29 March.

Image: Everyday is not like everyday. A Kai Zastrow book © Koen Hauser

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