Folkwang Museum

Desires and Acquisitions

30 Jan - 04 Apr 2010

Contemporary Drawing

The Museum Folkwang has highly valued graphic arts from the beginning with particular attention paid to contemporary drawing and graphic reproduction. Thus, for example, Karl Ernst Osthaus, the museum’s founder, acquired four drawings by Vincent van Gogh a few years after its opening which today still are among the major works of the Graphic Arts Collection. To underline the value of contemporary graphic arts for the collections development, the first exhibition of the Graphic Arts Collection in the new Museum Folkwang provides an insight into the new acquisitions from the past five years, including works by Jill Baroff, Karoline Bröckel, Roni Horn, Linda Karshan and Veit Stratmann. The exhibition presents not only a selection of works already acquired, but also works not yet included in the collection which the Museum would like to acquire. This includes works by William Kentridge, Chloe Piene, Nedko Solakov and Friedemann von Stockhausen.

Tags: Jill Baroff, Vincent van Gogh, Roni Horn, Linda Karshan, William Kentridge, Chloe Piene, Nedko Solakov, Veit Stratmann