Fons Welters

Klara Adam, Zilvinas Landzbergas, Alex Winters

08 Nov - 20 Dec 2008

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Conditioning is our human destiny. We are programmed to be able to process our perceptions only within a given framework or structure. This is inevitable; it is a mechanism we have to master in order to survive. Unmediated experience would be unbearable. But our conditioning is sometimes so extreme that we scarcely perceive anything at all, let alone truly experience what we see. We are like blind people gazing on a world full of images.

The artists who produced the work in this group exhibition try to lay bare this conditioning by using subtle acts of provocation. They open up a tiny window through which to learn a new way of experiencing perceptions.

The installations of Zilvinas Landzbergas add a parallel logic to our everyday surroundings and their ever-changing quality. This is achieved by combining symbols in which contemporary elements of popular culture, the effect of advertising strategies and the rapid pace of consumer behaviour are converted into a new visual language.

Klara Adam isolates specific symbols that are aligned with the everyday world in which human beings live their lives and the identity associated with it. By juxtaposing elements from diverse human environments with unexpected materials, she makes this positioning visible. At the same time she opens up a new mode of interpretation.

Alex Winters challenges us to experience the spatial dimension. He deliberately confuses viewers so that they briefly feel as if they have been placed outside space and then return with a greater presence than before. This is achieved through the interaction between the reality of the space, the fictional two-dimensional and three-dimensional presentation of this space, and the viewer in between them.

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