Frac Nord - Pas de Calais

Élodie Huet

16 Jan - 27 Apr 2014

© Élodie Huet
In Fine, 2013
In Fine
16 January - 27 April 2014

For three months the showcase space will host Élodie Huet’s installation In fine. An immense photograph is broken unto pieces to be put back together according to editorial codes. A book-object if ever there was one, the work unfolds through the pages of this peculiar publication. It is only by placing as many books as are needed side by side, each open to the double page following the previous one, that the initial image is recreated and the object makes sense.
By confronting the definitive form of her work with the elements which compose it, Huet confuses our initial view of it. The physical boundary that the medium ‘Book’ imposes reveals the inability of our gaze to grasp everything.
This project seeks to impel our gaze to the limits of the visible; in other terms, how do we look and how far does our ability to recreate extend?