Tanja Roscic

15 Feb - 29 Mar 2014

Exhibition view
© Tanja Roscic
untitled, 2014
Shellack, pen on cloth
80 x 87 cm ( 31,5 x 34,3 inch )
Rose Colored Corner
15 February - 29 March 2014

We are delighted to announce the third solo exhibition of Tanja Roscic (*1980, CH/KOS, lives in Zagreb HR and Zurich, CH) at Freymond-Guth Fine Arts.

Tanja Roscic confronts the viewer with a mysterious language of signs and a peculiar combination of materials and work processes. The blurring of conventional work genres such as painting, sculpture or installation is furthermore characteristic for Roscic who works mostly with forms of collage-like assembling in which a final form is elaborated from abstract sketches and material studies through an intensive back and forth, trying out and discarding of ideas.

Certain representations and forms generate a sort of undertone in the work that otherwise is very diverse, e.g. silhouettes of human heads and faces or rhombi- like patterns, honeycomb structures and supposed geometrical compositions. Amorphic forms are juxtaposed with systems that pretend order or move from one state into the other. Recognicable traces of used materials such as latex, shellack, acrylic or oil paint are other important elements: they reveal the layering of fabrics and materials or are used for various types of printing techniques. An imprint of a certain drawing often also can be found in another work.

Found items such as old, rusty chains, small iron parts or dried and artificial flowers are also characteristic for especially this latest series of works.

Tanja Roscic manages impressively to combine the very diversly connoted materials, the sometimes diffuse, sometimes strictly arranged assemblage next and on top of each other of forms to an acutely harmonious and- depending on the work- very different over all impression. It is such a game with extremes that occasionally may also polarize in the oeuvre that otherwise develops such a brilliant fortitude.

With massive brackets normally used in construction sites Roscic builds and carpenters the frames for her works herself- just to then apply hand-made textile flowers and bast laces on light cloths into them. In fact, many of the works in this exhibition are actually drawings sewn with fine threads, often finished with lacquers and paint.

Tanja Roscic throughout her career has never dreaded to implement terms and traditions such as arts and crafts, symbolism, kitsch or even folkore that in other contexts often experience a rather cautious usage. It is afterall exactly this ignoring of categories and of control driven by intellectual precaution that generates the extraordinary, moving intensity of her works which are extravagant, bizarre, comical and through their self-confident handling simply beautiful and affecting.

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