Fri Art | Kunsthalle Freiburg

A Retrospective of Closed Exhibitions

05 Aug - 19 Nov 2016

5 August - 19 November 2016

Curator(s): Mathieu Copeland, Balthazar Lovay

Lefevre Jean Claude
Swetlana Heger & Plamen Dejanov
Santiago Sierra
Graciela Carnevale
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Robert Barry
Matsuzawa Yutaka
Maria Eichhorn
Maurizio Cattelan
Daniel Buren
Hi Red Center

Since the early 1960s, artists have sealed off spaces in galleries and museums as a radical artistic gesture. These uncompromising works confront the viewer to a closed exhibition space, encouraging instead a physical, sensitive, or conceptual experience of each.
These exhibitions are now re-explored at Fri Art. One after the other, they give structure to a retrospective that is written in time, as each work will successively close the exhibiton space, between August 6 and November 19, 2016.
The retrospective's last day will be marked by the re-opening of the exhibition space. Festivities will include the launch of an important multidisciplinary, historical, and prospective anthology dedicated to radical artistic engagement: The Anti-Museum.

Tags: Maria Eichhorn