Helen Marten

06 Sep - 02 Nov 2014

Helen Marten
Parrot Problems, 2014
© Photo: Annik Wetter
Parrot Problems
6 September - 2 November 2014

Curated by Susanne Pfeffer

Frozen at full speed in vibration between two and three dimensions, the objects and images by artist Helen Marten proliferate with models and motifs, which define the physical and linguistic limits of everyday life. In acts of jigsaw and camouflage, the recognizable is often shifted into a sense of immediate fuzziness. Both delicate and programmatic, the relationship between image and concept is therefore dependent on a sense of unfolding logic. Through this emulation and repetition of ubiquitous gestures, expressions and objects the resultant differences between mimicry and metaphor are made productive: as Parrot Problems. Whether composed of leaves, glazed ceramic, cast aluminium, coins or timber, Marten’s assemblages distill the customary order of things to arrange it afresh.
For Parrot Problems, her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, Helen Marten has created numerous new works.

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