Friedrich Petzel

Gabriel Lester, Jean-Pascal Flavien and Ducha

09 Feb - 08 Mar 2008

"Micro-Nation CAPACETE"

Friedrich Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce "Micro-Nation CAPACETE," an exhibition organized by Helmut Batista with the artists Gabriel Lester, Jean-Pascal Flavien and Ducha. A catalogue with interviews of the artists and a text by the Argentinian critic Teresa Riccardi will accompany the exhibition.

This exhibition celebrates 10 years of CAPACETE Entertainment's activity in Brazil and South America. Each artist will present three projects all originally produced by CAPACETE which will give an overview of CAPACETE's insertion into South American contemporary culture.

CAPACETE Entertainment (CAPACETE Entretenimentos) initiated its activities in 1998 (its original names were Espaco P and Espaco Purplex) in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro. For close to ten years, its activities, which aim to initiate, research and document aesthetic, social and political processes in Brazil, have been a part of a long-term interdisciplinary presence in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which remains its home base. Through residencies and international exhibitions and projects, CAPACETE provides a platform for artists, critics, and curators to participate in the historic, urban, topographic, environmental and social context of Rio de Janeiro. It is a laboratory that (re)actualizes Brazilian complexities in relation to both a South American and international context. Rio de Janeiro is a strategic tool to identify, articulate and give visibility to these processes and to further reach a wider, heterogeneous audience. CAPACETE entertainments aims to affect the city by entering into it, transforming it, remapping it, or finding new meanings by revealing it in a different light. All of these projects explore interfaces that occur between city and image (moving or static) or word (written or spoken). They attempt to excavate spaces which may reveal the constant mutation that an urban center undergoes as it oscillates between narrative and place, language and location, fiction and architecture, social universe and public space, politics and collective sensitivity, nature and advancing technology.

CAPACETE Entertainment has produced several projects with different partners, such as the International Rio Film Festival, national and international galleries, institutions and organizations. CAPACETE collaborates on various aspects of the organization, production and exhibiting of art projects with special concerns for and emphasis on South America, including El Basilsico (Argentina), Lugar a Dudas (Bolivia), EiEi (Chile), Hoffmanns' House (Chile), Galeria Metroplitana (Chile), TRAMA (Argentina), DUPLUS (Argentina), among others. The group has developed projects with artists such as Marcos Chaves, Bruno Serralongue, Rubens Mano, Pierre Huyghe, Shimabukuro, Pierre Bismuth, Marssares, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Joachim Koester, Camila Rocha, Eija-Liisa Athila, Ducha, Marepe and others.

Tags: Pierre Bismuth, Marcos Chaves, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Pierre Huyghe, Joachim Koester, Gabriël Lester, Rubens Mano, Marepe, Bruno Serralongue