Friedrich Petzel

Jorge Pardo

01 Mar - 04 Apr 2014

© Jorge Pardo
Spare Bedroom, 2014
Mixed media
1 March - 4 April 2014

Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Mexico-based artist Jorge Pardo. This is his eighth exhibition with the gallery.

The focal point of this exhibition is an architectural intervention in the main gallery taking the form of a spare bedroom measuring 12 feet high, 14 feet wide, and 26 feet long, complete with two points of access. Constructed of steel, plexi-glass, and ornately carved wood, the structure is intentionally ambiguous, doubling as a sculpture as well as a potentially functional "residence" or refuge from the outside world. By employing a wide variety of materials Pardo allows the viewer to reconsider everyday objects such as tiles, textiles, and lamps as fine art. Conditioned by museums and other institutions to experience art from a reverential distance, Pardo, on the contrary, invites viewers to walk inside the structure and to touch, enjoy, and participate in demystifying the space.

Surrounding the bedroom Pardo will install several wall sculptures inspired by Native South American masks meticulously constructed from printed paper and wood. This will be the first time these masks are exhibited in the United States. A collection of twenty-five colorful glass lamps will hug the ceiling of the gallery.

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