Frith Street

Summer Show

06 - 29 Jul 2006

Summer Show

Callum Innes, Dayanita Singh, Fiona Banner and Bridget Smith
6 July - 29 July 2006

Frith Street Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition of gallery artists featuring new work by Callum Innes, Dayanita Singh, Fiona Banner and Bridget Smith.

Innes' paintings are created through a process of addition and subtraction, sometimes removing sections of paint from the canvases surface with turpentine to leave only the faintest traces of what was there before. Using this method of subtraction he has established his own vocabulary in the form of distinctive groups of paintings, which evolve concurrently.

An abiding image of India is that of a teeming crowd of humanity, however all but a few of Singh's images are devoid of the human figure - they are typified by composure rather than restlessness. The work's subtle formality is the product of intense and intimate observation, communicating a unique sense of time and place.

Language and the written word are central to Banner's practice, she has in the past created epic word-scapes - blow by blow accounts of war and porn films - pieces which beguile the eye but never deny the more problematic nature of the subject matter. Here she has applied one such description to the wing of a Tornado aircraft whose brutal scale dwarfs the gallery's domestic interior.

Here Smith's photographs capture an extraordinary period in the De La Warr Pavilion's history - taken over a three year period the photographs intuitively trace a metamorphosis of this epic architecture. Smith responds not only to the physical changes, but to the subtle, more ethereal shifts; a sense of cotemplation.

For further information please contact Dale McFarland on +44 20 7494 1550

© Image by Callum Innes

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