Gabriele Senn

Dennis Loesch

12 May - 29 Jul 2006

"hallo moden sommer 2006"

Exhibition: 12.05 - 29.07.2006
Opening: 11.05.2006 7 PM

Dennis Loesch (born 1979) studied at Staedelschule and was co-founder of Oskar-von-Miller Strasse 16 in Frankfurt/Main, which became well known for permanently repeating cultural events during the past few years. Thus exhibitions, concerts, readings, dialogues, books or even bar evenings were copied and presented under changed conditions within the art context. The performance always differed charmingly from its original - in a way, which couldn’t always be taken into account by the artists.
The current process oriented project of Dennis Loesch originally started in Frankfurt/Main and makes people, who actually pull the threads behind the art scene, an object of the art exhibition itself. Based on the consideration that they usually place or point out trends in contemporary art, as trends in fashion are developed, different facets of this cult as well as common surfaces of the art world and its market are being analyzed.
Dennis Loesch asked these mediators to deliver a piece of their personal clothes, which they considered typical for their style. If someone for instance would like to acquire a piece of Isabelle Graw or a suit of Knight Landesman, the artist will at first select the material with the customer - matching the idea of copying an original it will be in black or white only. Afterwards, the clothes will be tailormade.
So far Dennis Loesch has put together a show every season. At Gabriele Senn Galerie, which now is functioning as a modern fashion store, he’s presenting a new variation of his collection, which is permanently extended. Everything becomes a label: The artist, the critic, the gallery director, the curator, the museum manager. All clothes may be tried on.

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