Gabriele Senn

Oswald Oberhuber

16 Nov 2016 - 07 Jan 2017

Oswald Oberhuber, Gabriele Senn 2016
Installation view
16 November 2016 – 07 January 2017

Oswald Oberhuber (*1931) is one of the most important personalities in the temporary Austrian art scene. Not only because of his artistic work, also by his activities as genius professor and organizer of exhibitions.
The diversity of his work is characterized by an appreciation of permanent transformation. Due to this specific variation, a radical break in terms of the idea of a stylistically consistent oeuvre, is made.
His drawings, paintings and sculptures are showing a special greatness, coming from the informal and evolve to the unmitigated resolution of shape.

Oberhubers idea of abstraction and the spontaneously unconscious is reflected in his works with plaster, wire and other fragile materials.

We’re glad to exhibit his works in our gallery, and are able to present you an overview of Oberhubers several periods of work.

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