Richard Serra

Ramble Drawings

28 Jan - 16 Apr 2016

"Richard Serra: Ramble Drawings"
Installation view
Photo by Zarko Vijatovic
Ramble Drawings
28 January – 16 April 2016

Gagosian Paris is pleased to present new Ramble Drawings by Richard Serra, following the debut of the series at Gagosian New York in September 2015.

Richard Serra was born in San Francisco in 1938 and has lived in New York since 1966. He studied at the University of California (Berkeley and Santa Barbara) and at Yale University. Serra was awarded the insignia of Chevalier de la légion d'honneur by the French government in June 2015.

Recent exhibitions include "Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years," Museum of Modern Art, New York (2007); "Richard Serra: Promenade," Monumenta, Grand Palais, Paris (2008); "Richard Serra Drawings—Work Comes Out of Work," Kunsthaus Bregenz (2008); and "Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2011, traveled to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the organizing venue, Menil Collection, Houston).

In 2005, The Matter of Time (1994–2005), a series of eight monumental sculptures, was installed at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. East-West/West-East (2014) was permanently installed in the desert of the Brouq Nature Reserve in western Qatar in 2014.

Since 1983, Gagosian has presented more than twenty-five major exhibitions of Serra's work in the U.S. and Europe, including "Intersection II" (Gagosian New York, 1993); "Switch," which inaugurated Gagosian West 24th Street, New York in 1999; "Wake Blindspot Catwalk Vice-Versa" (Gagosian New York, 2003); "Junction/Cycle" (Gagosian New York, 2011); "Drawings" (Gagosian Paris, 2011–12); "Double Rifts" (Gagosian Beverly Hills, 2013); "New Sculpture" (Gagosian New York, 2013–14); the concurrent exhibitions "Backdoor Pipeline, Ramble, Dead Load, London Cross" and "Drawing" (Gagosian London, 2014–15); and "Ramble Drawings" (Gagosian New York, 2015). In spring of 2016, Gagosian New York will present new large-scale sculptures at the 21st and 24th Street galleries.

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