Desenho Ocupado

17 Nov - 19 Dec 2009

© Ana Pinheiro
Untitled, 2008
China ink, watercolor and collage on paper
43 x 43 cm

November 17 - December 19, 2009

Artists: Ana Pinheiro, Carla Chaim, Carlos Nunes, Henrique de França, Malu Saddi, Márcia de Moraes and Reginaldo Pereira.

Galeria Leme presents the group exhibition "Desenho Ocupado”. The exhibition is a project developed with Atelier Fidalga - study group of artists who, under the coordination of Albano Afonso and Sandra Cinto, meet weekly to research and produce contemporary art.

The artists sought to present works that dialogue with the proposed space establishing an occupation with architecture as well as with the place’s memorabilia.

With an enlarged view of drawing, the seven artists selected for the show work with different medias.

Ana Pinheiro and Henrique de França recover objects and techniques to accomplish their work. Pinheiro searches in used book stores, old books on which she interferes with crochet, drawings and watercolors; Henrique de França shows, among other works, a site specific using one of the transport crates stored at the room; after researching the history of the project room, the artist drew an old sawmill, the place’s original function.

The works of Carla Chaim and Carlos Nunes are marked and often determined by its processes. Carla Chaim draws the shadow of a tree located at the project room. Nunes expends until the end the materials and its possibilities, as in the work "Black Crayon" in which the artist uses a black crayon on different sized papers, with differing shades of black and gray.

Marcia de Moraes and Malu Saddi’s works impress by its preciousness. Both drawings in large formats thoroughly filled with abstract shapes.

Reginaldo Pereira explores, through drawing, the possibilities of composition using objects charged with meaning such as clipboards, maps or football fields.

In this exhibition, the artists tried to bring the intimacy of a studio and show works that transcend the limits of the genre and reveal that drawing goes beyond pencil on paper.

Tags: Albano Afonso, Carla Chaim, Sandra Cinto, Marcia De Moraes, Carlos Nunes, Reginaldo Pereira