Paulo Almeida

08 Oct - 08 Nov 2008

© Paulo Almeida
Individual Simultânea - Vista 5, 2008
acrylic on canvas
74 x 113 x 1,5 cm
"Individual simultânea"

October 8 - November 8, 2008

Paulo Almeida’s work is related torepresentation. The São Paulo-based artist is fond of exploringsituations such as the relationship between the works of art and theenvironment that surrounds them, subverting traditional practices. Hispaintings are often used not only to question the nature of paintingitself, but to question the nature of art in general.

Thus, theartist doesn’t paint in search of a perfect image or to illustrate anidea - something that, at a certain point, can be considered finished-, but to develop a project. Paulo Almeida produces his canvasesaccording to specific space and time.

The term “individualsimultânea” (simultaneous solo exhibition), entitles the show andartist has taken a conscious decision of using it in the singular. Itmakes reference to exhibitions, in which two artists held their soloshows in the same space, at the same time.

The exhibitions thatPaulo Almeida will have at the project room together with DavidBatchelor’s show at Galeria Leme, though, consist on the contrary: thesame show will be held in two different spaces, at the same time.

PauloAlmeida has already prepared two large scale and various smallercanvases, in which Galeria Leme’s empty space is illustrated fromdifferent angles. As soon as Batchelor’s show is ready, Paulo Almeidawill add to these pieces the luminous sculptures of the British artist,reproducing his show at galeria leme’s project room.

With thisproject, Paulo Almeida intends to look at representation throughdifferent points of view, explore concepts of space and question theway exhibitions are held, as well as the public’s expectations.

About the artist:

PauloAlmeida was born in São Paulo in 1977. He lives and works in São Paulo.His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including“Coletiva: /17.11.2004-13.01.2007/, Galeria Leme, São Paulo (2007), IXBienal de Cuenca, Ecuador (2007), “La Espiral de Moebius y Los Limitesde La Pintura” CCPE/AECI, Rosário, Argentina (2007). He has alsodeveloped many projects, such as: “Das Curadorias:/ 1987-2008/ (2008),Itaú Cultural, São Paulo (2008), produced during na artistic residenceprogram in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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