Alberto Garcia-Alix

28 May - 23 Jul 2011

© Alberto Garcia-Alix
28 May - 23 July, 2011

Garcia-Alix’s work has always been intimately linked to his personal life experience, crudely rendering a marginalized society through a magnificent photographic eye for portraits and composition. The play on light, shadow and texture denounces a social contrast, in which he defies himself as a photographer by playing both the narrator and protagonist, thus turning the spectator into a witness, even a Voyeur, of scenes that question social taboos of the body, sexuality, and drug consumption. The artist then acts as a collector of subjects, lifes and situations, that allow him to establish a discourse that transcends time and defined a generation. Garcia-Alix is one of the biggest names in contemporary European photography. With countless exhibitions since 1981, among them an important retrospective titled De donde no se vuelve in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid in 2008. A film that carries the same title will be projected on Thursday the 2nd of June at the Centro Cultural de España, Mexico City, at 7 pm. We thank the support of the Spanish Embassy in Mexico and the Centro Cultural de España.

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