10 Oct - 14 Nov 2008

Emilio Perez >dreaming out of season< 2008 acrylic and latex on wood, 183 x 427 cm © CONRADS, Duesseldorf-berlin
installation view CONRADS/ FILIALE Berlin 2008
installation view CONRADS/ FILIALE Berlin 2008
Emilio Perez
to cool to cry, 2008
183 x 213,4 acrylic on wood

Emilio Perez
snap your fingers, 2008
152 x 137 cm
Emilio Perez
as long as I can see, 2008
137 x 152 cm
Emilio Perez: Dreaming out of Season

Following his successful New York exhibition at Galerie Lelong in September 2007, Walter Conrads and Helga Weckop-Conrads are pleased to announce the representation of Emilio Perez in Germany and an exhibition of his paintings in Berlin. The artist was previously seen in the exhibition abstract 2.0 at FILIALE in 2007.

The paintings of Emilio Perez are characterised by a unique artistic practice, resulting in a visual language that oscillates between the hallucinatory work of Henri Michaux, the pulsating vitality of anime, and the grandeur of the Baroque. A paintbrush is initially employed by the artist to apply layers of acrylic paint, beginning with a dark, almost black colour and followed by lighter applications of colour mixed with white. Perez then places the brush aside and reaches for a scalpel, which is used to draw freehand a precise network of arched, curved and jagged lines into the painted surface. Sections of the applied paint are subsequently removed, causing the lighter, painterly areas to contrast strongly with the darker ones. For Perez, the line is created by the removal of paint with a knife, as opposed to the re-application with a brush.

Using this extremely concentrated working process, which combines a freedom of hand with intense control, Perez brings an overwhelmingly dynamic movement in the composition. The resulting abstraction can shift from loose and open to dense and frenzied, creating twists and spirals and triggering a cosmos of subjective associations on the part of the viewer. At times, figurative elements can appear, but these can be fleeting and soon recede or are superseded by new ideas before they can be understood. Imagined references from the contemporary world, art history or daily life appear and disappear within the lines, colours, and active compositions. Perez’s works, regardless of scale or colour, give us endless possibilities of interpretation and keep us intrigued and emotionally engaged.
Text: HWC/Gallery

On occasion of this exhibition a small catalog will be published.

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