Christoph Meier

27 Apr - 01 Jun 2013

Christoph Meier
27 April - 1 June 2013

Is that all?
That's all.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Some works cannot help but fall.

All the provocations are made to unset us all.
- By the way it’s me who sets the meaning of the words I use.
But tell me your name and its use?

The scorn and dark humor is for all the crowd
But verbs are very proud!

Oh! Don’t speak so loud! Anyway, if you felt like a sculpture
that would fall, I wonder why would try to climb the wall?
Isn’t it stupid to flicker away?

With all these holes and painting and all,
I can’t dismiss to be anything at all.

And with pride the work defies its glory – You are a dump sculpture!
You’re dump from dump.
- I didn’t mean not to exist I just don’t want to be a
delightful welcoming being.

Fair enough he says. One looks with the eyes and the body.
Your name is yourself! Not fixed, not visible, between one and
another. One looks and sees how great it can be!

Looking for the first time to the things we trash,
now everything is slightly harsh!

Oh no! Stop it! One looks into the boxes and they ferment away
like the spread of paint over the clay.
Is there something you would like say?

- I would like to serve as it is!
- An egg?

And silence was there. There were all on top of that wall.
Turned upside down as if meant to fall
The egg with a great smile was saying goodbye...

So many accidents on top of the floor
Turn them vertical and start to see more!

And the animal became human - the time was passing by, and all
the details were disappearing into a white wall.

Who’s the author... who’s in pain?
Let’s wake up everyone again.

And people start to gather around,
the small solids displayed on the ground.

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