Emily Sundblad

Toilet Feelings Are Normal

06 Jun - 20 Jul 2019

Installation view, Emily Sundblad, Toilet Feelings Are Normal, Galerie Neu, 2019
Toilet Feelings Are Normal
6 June – 20 July 2019

Opening reception 06.06.2019 6 – 9 pm with a concert by Emily Sundblad and Pete Drungle at 7pm

Emily Sundblad hates Geraniums. They bring her no pleasure. Geraniums were the Ranunculus of the 70s or 80s. Even though she loves color, and flowers are a great delivery system for such love, there’s just something wrong with Geraniums. Their vibe is very un-organic. You can imagine the corporate hothouse of baby Geraniums as they inevitably effervesce the green wet bitter smell of pesticides. It’s even rumored that Sundblad used to mix pesticides into her paint for more authentic, putrid colors.

In fact, Sundblad is known for her weird proprietary techniques. They are so secret that she doesn’t even file legal papers. It would definitely get out. Actually I have experience with this because she painted me. I had to open my eyes when she was looking at me, taking the mental picture, and then close my eyes before the brush hit the canvas. It was part of the agreement and as we all sit before her to go down in her story, we willingly agree. She had a blindfold available but I was like no you can trust me. I respect people’s boundaries and, like Sundblad, I’m a real sis.

One could even say, this work is about boundaries. Take a close look and you’ll see what I mean. Ask yourself all the necessary questions. Where are they? Are they my boundaries about art or are they Sundblad’s boundaries? Is it a lack of boundaries and in fact oversharing, or are we seeing the opposite? Are the boundaries available in a literal line or frame,or are we, as the viewer, putting our own boundaries on her work. If we look at Geraniums, dowe suffer the trauma of our mothers? There are a lot of questions as with all necessary art.

K8 Hardy