Karl Holmqvist

10 Feb - 16 Mar 2013

10 February – 16 March 2013

PURGE the world of dead art, imitation, artificial art, abstract art, illusionistic art, mathematical art, – PURGE THE WORLD OF “EUROPANISM”!
Fluxus Manifesto George Maciunas 1963

Just like with his previous Solstice readings (Kunsthalle Zurich 2011-12) the new exhibition EQ UI LI BR IU M by Karl Holmqvist concerns itself with the balance between light and dark. The exhibition which is his first with Galerie Neu consists of two installations; a black-on-black video projection of a 47-minute spoken word reading mostly showing only a dark screen with white subtitles; and a new light sculpture in the form of a go-go dancing platform with a trim of energy saving lightbulbs around its edge. In the ante-room between the two installations are a set of checkerboard paintings made from black- and silver self-adhesive film on wood. The suite of works is repeated also in the showrooms at Mehringdamm 72, and the exhibition project as a whole with its reduced palette and multi-media sets of square shapes speaks of seriality, process and the possibility for re-invention.

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