Ali Emir Tapan

22 Feb - 23 Mar 2013

Exhibition view
Perfect Day
22 February - 23 March 2013

Galerist is pleased to present Ali Emir Tapan's solo exhibition ‘Perfect Day’ between February 22 - March 23. The exhibition, curated by Haluk Akakçe, showcases the artist's photographs and video alongside sculptures and works on paper which were produced during the last 2 years. The artist's first solo exhibition at Galerist focuses on the notion of ephemeral perfection.
Wrecked cars, acid-etched on mirrors, glass statues sculpted by prolonged exposure to searing heat; each work is marked by violence and possessed by its own story. Tapan presents the viewers with the graceful end-objects originating from processes of violence.
All these objects not only redefine the idea of a ‘perfect day’, of moment when beauty overwhelms reality, but also reference the idea of temporality underlying perfection found in Lou Reed's song of the same title. Tapan’s works allude to the transformation of the self to a poetic and mystical state.
The artist establishes a world where terror and violence become a form of intimacy, and drawing his works from this cosmos, freezes them in a moment of solitude. His video titled ‘Rehearsal’ witnesses countless seagulls await an almost imaginary crescendo, rehearsing to no apparent end in an uncanny aquarium.
Tapan's works appear as in a variety of manifestations around a base idea, hatched through a process of Chinese-whispers. All works end up being conceptual anamorphs of one another.
The artist, refusing to impose upon his works a fixed referential basis, takes a position of chosen ambiguity. The viewer is left to decide upon the exact nature of ‘Perfection’, may it be transformation, enlightenment or suspense.

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