Arik Levy

08 Nov - 07 Dec 2013

Installation view
Activated Nature
8 November – 7 December 2013

Galerist, is proud to present Arik Levy’s first solo show in Istanbul, ‘Activated Nature’, between 08 November – 07 December 2013. The artist’s sensitivity toward daily life concerns, emotions, social codes and taboos lead him towards a production of man-made nature. Arik Levy’s most recent sculpture, painting, drawing, video and installation work will be presented in the exhibition.

Levy explores, questions and blurs the boundries between art and design. Using a wide range of materials, such as wood paper steel and brass, the artist works as an alchemist to explore concepts of beign and non-being. While referencing artistic movements such as Constructizm and Supremantism, the work gains historical context and becomes experimental for the viewer.

Natural form, as well as, human nature itself becomes an inspiration for Levy, as the evolution of forms develop their own genetic heritage. On the verge of time and nothing, Levy utilizes the tension between emotional residue and scientific encoding. “Rock” series resembling kryptonite-like forms, give the impression of having been frozen in an instance that has been extracted from the continuity of evolution. Levy combines the logic of science and the irrationality of emotions, in his works ‘Love is All I Needed’ ve ‘Uncontrolled Muscle Makes Us Be Alive’, which are inspired by the chemical formulas.
The artist, not only makes a romantic reference to gender consciousness and harmony in nature, but also, expresses the contrast between hard and soft, solid and liquid, opaque and transparent by his soft-shaped, blown glass works entitled ‘SolidLiquid’. He leads the viewer to question and to sense their own objectivity on magical grounds by projecting the subject within objects. The interaction between the old and new works of Arik Levy emphasizes multidimensionality and development of artist’s work.

About Arik Levy:
Artist, technician, photographer, designer, filmmaker, Levy’s skills are multi-disciplinary and his work can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. Best known publicly for his sculptures – such as his signature Rock pieces -, his installations, limited editions and design, Levy nevertheless feels “The world is about people, not objects.”
Hailing originally from Israel and moving to Europe after his first participation in a group sculpture exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1988, Levy currently works in his studio in Paris. His formation was unconventional where surfing, as well as his art and graphic design studio, took up much of his time back home. Following studies at the Art Center Europe in Switzerland he gained a distinction in Industrial Design in 1991. After a stint in Japan where he consolidated his ideas producing products and pieces for exhibitions, Levy returned to Europe where he contributed his artistry to another field – contemporary dance and opera by way of set design. The creation of his firm then meant a foray back to his first love, art and industrial design, as well as other branches of his talents.
Considering himself now more of a “feeling” artist, Arik Levy continues to contribute substantially to our interior and exterior milieu, his work including public sculpture, as well as complete environments that can be adapted for multi use. “Life is a system of signs and symbols,” he says, “where nothing is quite as it seems.”

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