Idil Ilkin

12 Dec 2013 - 11 Jan 2014

Installation view
Landing clearance’
12 December 2013 – 11 January 2014

Galerist is pleased to present the first solo exhibition titled ‘Landing Clearance’ by İdil İlkin from October 12, 2013 to January 11, 2014. Placing ‘aviation’ as the central visual theme in the exhibition, Ilkin expresses the ambiguity of hanging in the air through the imagery of aircrafts, which have become as commonly used as taxis in current times. Hereby the gallery becomes the ‘Control Tower’ for artist as ‘Landing Clearence’ is a metaphor for the exhibition date.

İlkin disassociates organic industrial design products and their functions in order to focus on the liberty that comes with uselessness. At the same time, she expresses the splits within us that turn us into segmented entities, locking our septated selves into disparate cells. İlkin’s compositions are just like minimal music; images and narratives make up multi-layered time segments, similar to repeated sound fragments in canonic imitation. As different times get mixed and become intertwined, forms liquefy, becoming indefinable and infinite.

According to the artist, the urge for and the process of production for these digital print outs made of pixels actually resemble painting. The works in the exhibition, point to the passive way of living and being that is forced upon us. We are deterred form attaining a higher level of conscience and live numbed lives. İlkin’s works are situated in the thin line between forcefully resisting and willfully complying with this inclation.

About İdil İlkin:
İlkin is a graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design in London with a Master of Fine Arts. In İlkin’s collages there is rythm and cyclicality with the organization of fragments that repeat like sounds. As part of her research Ilkin explores the human body as a musical instrument and creates experimental compositions with her own voice.

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