Rasim Aksan

19 Sep - 18 Oct 2014

19 September – 18 October 2014

Galerist is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of Rasim Aksan, “Narcissus”, between September 19 and October 18, 2014. The exhibition includes large scale paintings and moderately sized drawings by Aksan (b.1984) who has already established his name as one of Turkey’s most prominent hyperrealist painters.

Testifying to the visual and cultural bombardment of our times, Rasim Aksan explores the concept of “selfie” from a unique point of view. As a current trend, selfie has become a phenomenon which expose the Narcissus’ of our day. It is one of the most popular uploads and provides means for everyone to feel important and beautiful. Aksan unmasks the demand for a stamp of approval (like) from others from a unique point of view.

The artist composes detailed black and white drawings and large scale paintings in color by bringing together parts of images he choses from the web. Iconic animal portraits, which seem to look down on their audience are presented together with intricate figurative drawings.

This absurd connection forged by the artist could be read as a social commentary.
As social animals, humans have the instinct to seek approval and acceptance. Selfies are autoportraits that show a person close-up and even at times displaying their most intimate parts or possessions. Although they are more commonly read as signifiers to project a certain image to the outside world, the works in “Narcissus” shed light on a different kind of selfie; aimed at pleasuring oneself via one’s own projected image. The bedsheets, toys, photographs which stick out from the background of the drawing, lure us into the living space; the quotidian reality of the overly sexual nudes. This choice perhaps is a clue to understanding Aksan and his search for truth, not in spectacle but in the hidden details.

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