Sandrine Nicoletta

19 Sep - 21 Oct 2006


Opening September 19-20-21 from 6h00 pm to 9h00 pm

Three years after his last solo show, Galleria Maze is pleased to present Sandrine Nicoletta’s new art project.
From 1998 to 2001 the artist focused on the concept of pause, by using the island’s form to define a field, a privileged room from where to start again stronger and more conscientious. The art works, created between 2002 and 2005, as well as the last show for Galleria Maze in 2003, mt 0,5 ——••• ∞, were devoted to the search of equilibrium trough attempts and experiments.
While same of her characteristic patterns, both visual and conceptual, are at the bottom of the new works, that are inspired as well by the search of a centre and a reason, a change is going on. The attention is focused on rhythm, on the orchestration among different people. The people, between improvisation and determination, can find together the solution or better the direction; slowly, quickly, following their own breath.
The concept of the show is the nunc maxime (now especially), something that happened barely beyond the uncertainty, a state of choice, a step closer to decision where the perspective changes.
On show it will be display photographic projects, installations, videos and a sound work, created especially for the gallery’s space and mounted following the idea of the scale.
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Sandrine Nicoletta was born in Aosta, (Italy). Lives and works in Bologna (Italy).
She took part to the Musical Practices research group at the Ircam, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2003/04 and to many artist residences, as the International Open-Air Expressions, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, Japan, 2003, World Views, LMCC, World Trade Center, New York, 2000/2001, Keum River International Art Symposium, Kongju, Korea, 2001,the workshop The mountain, Velebit, Croatia, 2001.
Selected off site projects: Io sono questo, curated by a.titolo and Rebecca De Marchi, Nole (Turin) 2006; Slubfurt City, created by Michael Kurzwelly, Bernardo Giorgi, and Roland Schefferski, Germany and Poland, 2005, International program on Public Art, organized by the European Union, curated by Roberto Daolio and Mili Romano, Paris University 8, France, 2000.
Among her solo shows: Doppler, curated by Laura Garbarino, Galleria Autoricambi, Rome, 2004. Equilibrismi, curated by Elisa Fulco, Ospedale psichiatrico S. Colobano, Milan, 2004. mt 0,5 ——••• ∞, Galleria Maze, Turin, 2003. Surplace, Present Future, Galleria Neon, Artissima, Turin, 2002. Maestri, Nin, Zara (Croatia), 2002. Mistral, Galleria Graffio, Bologna, 2000. Demi-bain, ESBAM, Marsiglia (France), 1999.
The project is an analysis of that exact moment when we react to an impulse, with no fear, facing ourselves in the present time.
This analysis was developed trough an “experiential” full score.
The full score was performed by five singers, from tenor clef to treble clef, recorded in different places at different times. Each singer never listened to what the others have recorded before. They actually did not sung words, but produced sounds, react with the voice on certain situations given by the author.
Something more likes an artistic performance than a singing action.
Afterwards the five tracks have been combined together creating a 21 minutes track in PROTOOLS, with no sound effects.
The final result is an interplay of voices, an abstract sonorous space, disembodied. After meeting and clashing with each other, following settled lines and routes, the voices become pure sound
Interplay has been elaborated and written in August 2006 by Sandrine Nicoletta; produced, recorded and mixed by Massimo Carozzi.
The five singers are: Alessandro Berti, Margareth Kammerer, Nicoletta Magalotti, Valerio Tricoli and Leo Chadbourn.

Massimo Carozzi
Since 1994 he is working about the relations between sound and picture, sound and scene, sound and literature, sound and space. He has realized the sonorous drawings of theatrical performances, documentaries, short films, installations. September 2000 he founds with Anna Rispoli e Anna de Manincor the multimedial group ZimmerFrei with which he realizes theatralic shows, installations, performances and videos.
Valerio Tricoli
As an electroacoustic composer and an radical improviser, Valerio Tricoli is considered one of the top elements of the “nouvelle vague” of the italian music. His compositive work is placed in a meeting zone between “musique concrète” and sonorous conceptual forms. He is one of the founders of the collective label Bowindo, and of the group 3/4HadBeenEliminated, bold summary between improvisation, electroacoustic composition and sensibility “avant-rock”.
Margareth Kammerer
Margareth Kammerer was born 1966 at Alto Adige. Since 1994 she lives and works in Berlin. From 1987 to 1993 she follows the courses at the D.A.M.S. (musical specialization), graduated with a thesis on “The vocal experimentalism of Demetrio Stratos”. 1989 she is co- founder of the “Laboratorio di Musica e Immagine”, an ensemble of 14 musicians, which through the composition and collective improvisation voices silent films. From 1991 to 1993 she studies singing with Michiko Hirayama. 1993 she is co-founder of the band “in rosa” Fastilio and 1994 she takes part of the ensemble “Eva kant” at Bologna; the ensemble does not only performe theire own compositions, but also compositions of Fred Frith and Butch Morris. She has cooperated with Adeline Rosenstein and Leonid Soybelman (1997), with Michael Groß, Leonid Soybelman, Hanno Leichtmann, Joe Williamson, Nicholas Bussmann, Andrea Ermke ecc. (1998-1999). From 1999 to 2000 she is singer in The Theaterpiece "50 comas", about Antonin Artaud, at the "Theatre de l'incendie", directed by Laurent Frechuret. 2001 she cooperates with Tone Avenstroup for the performance "bald legen sie los", produced by “podevil” for the theatre and performance festival "reich und berühmt"; always 2001 she sings at the "Schaubühne"/ Berlin in the piece "Traum im Herbst" of Jon Fosse produced by Wulf Twiehaus and the music of Jörg Gollasch and composes a duo with the austalian pianist Chris Abrahams (“the necks”). 2002 she sings in “Venusmond”, an opera of Burkhard Stangl and Oswald Egger; she is the author of a solo performance “Struppi und die prinzessin sezieren hamlet" at the “Kunsternes Hus” of Oslo. She takes part as an actress in “Orestea” produced by Jay Scheib, with Aleks Kolkowski and Marie Goyette at the "Festival of Exiles". 2003 works with Jay Scheib on "Hamlet".
Nicoletta Magalotti
Nicoletta Magalotti, singer, perfomer and versatile artist, conducts since years a personal vocal and espressive research, prefering the experiences in sound and drama. As the voice of the group Violet Eves, an important experience of the italian musical panorama of the 80’s, she has experimented in an eclectic way on different musical and theatral fields. She has cooperated with numerous musicians, among which Teresa De Sio and Piero Pelù and with producer-dj’s like David Calò, M.a.s. Collective, Slick Station and Andrea Felli with which he has realised: 2001 the sound project of ceremony, show of the choreographer Monica Francia – produced by the Ravenna Festival in collaboration with Biennale Danza and 2003 the album Fashion Victims for KFM record/Materials Sounds. On the theatrical field, between the others, he has worked with Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio for the shows Orestea and Voyage au bout de la nuit, 2002 she has presented Private Space, show of listening theatre at the Festival MilanoOltre/Teatri90, 2003 she has debuted with the theatral project of sonorous dramaturgy with title Règola, presented 2005 at the festival of Santarcangelo of the theatres.
Leo Chadburn
Leo Chadburn (also known by the nomme de guerre "Simon Bookish") is a classically-trained composer (Guildhall School of Music and Drama, 1997-2001), who has become one of the most versatile and unpredictable musicians currently working in London. He is both a pop vocalist and experimental improviser, besides working as a remixer, and solo performance/live artist.
As Simon Bookish, he has made two albums for the London-based label Use Your Teeth; UNFAIR FUNFAIR (2006) - an abrasive and energetic sequence of songs whose subjects range from Euripides and Richard the Third to the invention of the Guillotine - and TRAINWRECK/RAINCHECK ( due Autumn 2006) - a 'surreal electronic radio play' combining sound design and spoken word, concerning vibrant images of transportation.
He has released singles on the German label Tomlab and through Playlouder recordings and has been asked to provide remixes for Franz Ferdinand, The Organ and Grizzly Bear. Leo is also credited with guest appearances on albums by Max de Wardener, Leafcutter John, Patrick Wolf and Saint Etienne.
Simon Bookish has presented over 50 solo performances since 2003. Venues have included the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Dover Street Market (comme des garcons store), Transition Film Lounge (Berlin), Nastyfest 2004 (Leeds), Capri Art Festival 2004, the Redgate Gallery, the Africa Centre, and the Vortex Jazz Club. His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio One and XFM, and he has presented shows on London's Resonance FM. Leo is currently a member of the folk/experimental musician Leafcutter John's live band (as vocalist). Performances in 2005/6 have included shows in Aarhus (Denmark) and Berlin, with shows in Poland and Geneva confirmed for late Summer 2006. John and Leo, together with Seb Rochford (drummer with innovative jazz ensemble Polar Bear) and Mandy Drummond have also performed a live improvised set for BBC Radio Three's innovative show "Mixing it". (July 2006).
In 2001, he was a member of the 'Sound City' ensemble, which presented new work by director Heiner Goebbels as part of LIFT'01 at the Almeida Theatre. He has also presented one-off performances and exhibitions, such as "MOISTURE and FUNERAL" (a spoken word and computer projection piece commissioned by the TwoSee Boutique, 2006), "Simon Bookish and C Loopseend present Fear of Music" (a deconstruction of the work of Talking Heads at Limehouse Town Hall, 2004) and contributed a piece to the sound art show "Off The Record" (Muse d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2004).
Alessandro Berti
Alessandro Berti was born at Reggio Emilia. After the theatre school of Genova, he founded 1995 the mixed theatral community, for which he wrote an directed all the shows among which we remind: Skankrèr, Home Balòm (1996), Terra di Burro (1997), Il mondo dei figli (1999), Trionfo Anonimo (2000), L'Agenda di Seattle (2001), Il Quartiere (2002). 2002 he has won the Gherardo Gherardi award with his theatre in verses (Rivedere le stelle, La Riga, Simurgh-Poema delle Moltitudini). The last years he has lived a worked in Friuli, he was occupied with the realisation of a popular theatre school and the thematical project, connected to the psychiatry art/ society/ madness.
The 11 experiences interpreted by the singers are visualized on the art works on the wall showed in the exhibition
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© Sandrine Nicoletta
Interplay 6b
2 Fotografie su alluminio
30 x 22,5 cm cad.
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