Neanderthalian Nights

11 Mar - 14 Apr 2010

Installation view
NEANDERTHALIAN NIGHTS (The world is not at home)
Giorgio Andreotta Calò - Juliette Blightman - Anthony Burdin - Shimabuku
11 March - 14 April, 2010

The theme of a travel, intended as an experience and confrontation with the reality that surrounds us, is the nucleus around which the second exhibition in ZERO...’s new space turns. Four individual paths are united, giving life to the possibility of an extraordinary story.

Shimabuku’s playful and joyful dynamics and his narrative skill in the construction of stories cross the overlapping of multiple and disquieting gazes that populate Anthony Burdin’s microcosm, Juliette Blightman’s peculiar rapport with time and space, the intensity of the physical strength that characterizes Giorgio Andreotta Calò’s connection with the memory of places in the materialization of a fantastic experience drenched with visionary mysticism.

Tags: Juliette Blightman, Anthony Burdin, Giorgio Andreotta Calo, Shimabuku