Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Tакashi Murakami

29 Sep 2017 - 04 Feb 2018

Takashi Murakami
Homage to Francis Bacon (Study of Isabel Rawsthorne), 2002
Acrylic on canvas mounted on board 120x120x5 cm
© 2002 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.
All Rights Reserved
Private Collection Courtesy Galerie Perrotin
29 September 2017 – 4 February 2018

The exhibition at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is the first major survey of Takashi Murakami's work in Russia and will span several periods of the artist’s career from the early 1990s to now. Presenting his work in the broader context of Japanese culture for the first time, the exhibition pays homage to Murakami’s long-term project to creatively unite and question Eastern and Western traditions.

Consisting of five sections that each explore a particular phenomenon in Japanese culture that has been formally or semantically examined by Murakami, the show reveals the artist’s inquiries into the nuanced facets of Japanese culture and public consciousness, blurring the line between high and low culture, while merging various media into one continuous flow of images.

Presenting paintings, drawings, and films by Murakami from public and private collections, the exhibition will also feature eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Japanese engravings and paintings from the collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and the State Museum of Oriental Art, both in Moscow. Developed in close collaboration with the artist, the project includes a number of new works, thus transforming the entire Museum into a total Murakami universe.

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