Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

The Moscow Art Map: Our Scale

22 May - 06 Jul 2014

22 May – 6 July 2014

The research-based exhibition by Garage's Teens Team.

The Garage educational program Garage's Teens Team finishes its year-long activities with a research-based exhibition The Moscow Art Map: Our Scale.

In the past year, 23 young people have studied the history and development of contemporary art and exhibition making, including classes on how to develop an idea for an exhibition and how to devise public programs, as well as exercises in writing introductory texts and labels. They also took part in Garage’s annual project Art Experiment, designing content for the Inhabit the Space zone, where they also acted as moderators.

While some participants were already aware of the experimental nature of contemporary art, others were more familiar with traditional painting. However, throughout the year, many tastes have been transformed, and in the end, we now have over 20 contemporary art enthusiasts. For three months, they have actively worked on their own research-based project, resulting in an exhibition that exemplifies a young approach to contemporary art in Moscow.

Five art maps will present visual and textual images of artists belonging to different generations and working in different genres: Yuri Albert, Andrey Kuzkin, Leonid Tishkov, Boris Orlov and Victor Pivovarov. The installation’s tone of voice has been set not only by the analysis of the artists’ works, texts, press reviews and critical surveys, but also by the students’ personal contact with the artists through meetings, dialogues and correspondence. The exhibition is developed by the Teens' Team, in collaboration with young artist-architect Alexander Brodsky Jr.

The Teens’ Museum: Possibilities and Practices, a seminar for youth education specialists focusing on the ways in which institutions in Russia can cooperate within the framework of teen programs, will also take place as part of the project.

Tags: Yuri Albert, Alexander Brodsky, Boris Orlov, Leonid Tishkov