Georg Kargl

Thomas Locher and Willem De Rooij

Modern Alibis

25 Oct - 21 Dec 2019

Installation view
Modern Alibis
25 October – 21 December 2019

In Modern Alibis Thomas Locher and Willem De Rooij deal with the changing of the aesthetic and social practice of knowledge production. To what extent do images and linguistic signs already contain their own vectors for interpretation? To what extent does the contemporary mediality of information influence the relationship between sender and receiver, between subject and object? Approaches of information-aesthetics and the examination of material-immanent production of meaning contribute significantly to the considerations of the two artists about different forms of knowledge transfer. Autonomy and the agenda of language, image and the work of art as a heuristic tool for viewing the world are put to the test here.

Tags: Thomas Locher, Willem de Rooij