Georg Kargl

Vienna Transit

14 Sep - 03 Nov 2018

Vienna Transit, Installation view, Photo: Matthias Bildstein, courtesy Georg Kargl, Vienna
Jitka Hanzlová, Anna Jermolaewa , David Maljković, Yves Mettler, Milan Mladenovic,
Christian Philipp Müller, Roman Ondak, Zara Pfeifer, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Sue Williams
14 September - 3 November 2018

curated by_Wolfgang Kos

The exhibition Vienna Transit uses snapshots to remind viewers that an art city like Vienna obtains its relevance not from its gloriously central location in Europe but from its function as a place of transfer. This exhibition presents various works by artists who have at one point in their life found themselves in Vienna.

Furthermore the exhibition reflects the location of the gallery itself. Gerwald Rockenschaub’s logo for the Freihausviertel from 1998 and Christian Philipp Müller’s A World Of Its Own, a socio-historical field research and exhibition project around the Freihaus initiated by Georg Kargl, marked the beginning of a process of change in the district. Since then the area around Schleifmühlgasse has been transformed into a dense sociotope where restaurants, galleries and shops form a kind of urban living room for the Viennese scene. In 2018 the Freihausviertel association and Georg Kargl Fine Arts celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The exhibition takes place in the frame of the annual gallery festival curated by_ . In the festival’s tenth year, it focuses on the specific aspects of Vienna as a city.