Sandra Gering

Masters Of Reality

03 Nov - 23 Dec 2011

3 November - 23 December, 2011

In a contemporary art landscape often criticized for a dearth of figurative painting, several artists are pushing the notion of the mimetic on canvas to its limits. Taking its cue from the Black Sabbath album, this exhibition seeks to highlight a group of artists that have mastered reality through their own unique vision. Whether it be ecology, popular culture, counter-culture, politics, sexuality, or mundane aspects of day to day life, these paintings are composed of images initially familiar to their viewer. However, the artists have altered this iconography giving us their takes on reality.

Featuring work by:

Michael Bevilacqua
Ashley Bickerton
George Condo
Ryan McGinness
Ed Paschke
Lari Pittman
Alexis Rockman
Peter Saul

Tags: Michael Bevilacqua, Ashley Bickerton, George Condo, Ryan McGinness, Ed Paschke, Lari Pittman, Alexis Rockman, Peter Saul