Sandra Gering


11 Jul - 08 Sep 2007


GERING & LóPEZ GALLERY is pleased to present POPCENTRIC on view from July 11th through
September 8th, 2007. This group exhibition will feature new work by thirteen internationally known artists including Dimitrios Antonitsis, John Armleder, Guido Bagini, Michael Bevilacqua, Liz Craft, Dexter Dalwood, Carl D'Alvia, FISCHERSPOONER, KAWS, Christian Lemmerz, Bruce Richards, Mario Schifano and Francesco Simeti.

Curated by artist Michael Bevilacqua and gallerist Sandra Gering, this exhibition surveys a new generation of Pop artists continuing the exploration of pop themes while employing new techniques drawn from popular mass culture. Still inspired by an obsession with consumerism and commercial imagery, these artists are less concerned with literal renderings but rather allow an emotional connection to contemporary culture to fuel their work.

From music to politics, cinema to sexuality, imagery has become universal and these artists continue to incorporate such topics in their work. For example, Greek artist, Dimitrios Antonitsis presents a series of four photographic portraits of New York's infamous Leona Helmsley, graced with a touch of gold sparkle. Italian artist, Francesco Simeti uses repetition in his floor to ceiling wallpaper installation, Astro, which explosions and outer space imagery are taken from historical records such as newspapers and the internet. FISCHERSPOONERS' new release Get Confused, a single channel video projection, will be screened for the first time. Music, art historical and cinematic references can all be found in Bruce Richards' and Michael Bevilacqua's graphic two-dimensional work. Installation by Swiss artist, John Armleder, utilizes rubber tires as an indoor garden for fresh plants and flowers. Also included is a new painting, Altamont, by British artist Dexter Dalwood and quirky sculptures by American artists Liz Craft and Carl D'Alvia. Other works include two large-scale graffiti works by KAWS, a famous New York graffiti artist and limited edition toy designer.

Tags: Dimitrios Antonitsis, John M. Armleder, Michael Bevilacqua, Liz Craft, Dexter Dalwood, KAWS, Mario Schifano, Francesco Simeti