Drawing Protest

19 Oct 2013 - 19 Jan 2014

Dan Perjovschi, Bulgarien 2013 Oligarchie
Enrique Flores (SP), Viktoria Lomasko (RU), Dan Perjovschi (RO) in collaboration with ARTIST’S PROOF
curated by Olga Vostretsova, Stipendiatin der Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen an der GfZK

Drawing is an artistic medium that has gained new importance in the wake of the global protest movements in recent years. One particularly exciting new development is artistic reportage using drawings executed directly on location, which capture a wide variety of opinions and concerns and are subsequently published in printed and online media. There are more and more drawn images cropping up on blogs or on artists’ Websites that depict the global protests of the past two years with artistic means, and thus tell subjective stories.

Artists can achieve immediateness in their reporting by going to protests in person, becoming involved and creating artistic documents on the spot. They record what they see, feel and hear so that they can post reports online by the next day at the latest. This is the way Enrique Flores works in Madrid and Victoria Lomasko in Moscow. Their protest documentations differ both from the official press photos and film footage and from snapshots taken by the protesters themselves.

The exhibition newspaper “Drawing Protest” combines drawing reportages by Victoria Lomasko and Enrique Flores from Moscow and Madrid with analytical perspectives and approaches by sociologists Alexander Bikbov, Carles Feixa and Carlos Taibo, and with historical theoretical research on the drawn image focusing on protests, crisis situations, revolutions and wars by Alexander Roob and Victoria Lomasko. The newspaper also includes drawings on the resistance topic 2003–2013 by Dan Perjovschi which links the exhibition newspaper with the mutual space installation by Perjovschi with ARTIST’S PROOF, the interdisciplinary student group that regularly uses drawing as an integrative, interdisciplinary artistic medium. The installation is dedicated to the reflection of artistic work in and beyond contemporary protest and also to the symbolic, protest-related and cognitive powers of the art.

Tags: Enrique Flores, Viktoria Lomasko, Olga Vostretsova