Why Show Something That One Can See?

25 Feb - 07 May 2006

Why Show Something That One Can See?, exhibition view, GfZK Leipzig, 2006
Kaucyila Brooke, Valie Export, Tom Burr, Knut Asdam, Marion Porten
Curated by Julia Schäfer

Gender-specific differences are inscribed into spaces, while spaces also regulate gender relationships. Control of the body is still made possible by a controlled spatial organisation with clearly defined hierarchies of movement and occupancy. The exhibition “Why show something you can see?” is concerned with various artistic decoding strategies that reveal and criticise particular hierarchies and power mechanisms within the body, architecture and urban planning. The exhibition proceeds from the body and its gender-specific codes to looking at the relationship between the body and its surroundings, as well as questioning gender-specific spatial ordering within an urban environment.

Gender-related social expectations, values and norms are not only inscribed into and onto the body, they are also visible in its language and movement. These actions are generally learnt early, and are so strongly internalised that we are barely conscious of them.

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Tags: Knut Asdam, Kaucyila Brooke, Tom Burr, Valie Export, Marion Porten