Gió Marconi

Komando Giotto di Bondone

21 Mar - 19 Apr 2008

Kommando Giotto di Bondone
Exhibition view, 2008

March 21 - April 19, 2008

The day 20th of March the Gallery Gio' Marconi will inaugurate the Komando Giotto di Bondone exhibition, a group show curated by Andrè Butzer. This is the last show of a longer series of KOMMANDO-shows. This group exhibition, started in Los angeles in 2004, was hosted all over in the world to finish at Giò Marconi Gallery.
The young German artists brought it in Italy because they took inspiration from the artistic Italian current of the past.
The fifteen artists, invited by the curator, honour the most important painters of the past, first of all Giotto, combining different styles as through Andrè Butzer’s thick paint or through the intense chromatisme of Véronique Bourgoin’s photos.
In this group there is a strong “german identity”, resulting from their pictorial tradition.They look back at their ancestors for bringing back their tradition to the present-day.

The exhibition will be displayed at the first floor of the gallery and it will include works by:
Julia Abstäd, Véronique Bourgoin, André Butzer, Ben Cottrell, Matthias Dornfeld, Michael Dreyer, Thilo Heinzmann, Marcel Hüppauff, Andreas Hofer, Thomas Grötz, Gotscha Goshasvili, Maja Körner, Peter Kamm, Thomas Kamm, Ulrich Wulff and Thomas Winkler.
The same day will be presented the fifth number of the journal of architecture MEISE nr. 5, worded by the artists themselves.

The KOMMANDO-show started in 2004 with “Kommando Pfannenkuchen”, Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, to continue in 2006 with “Kommando Calvin Cohn New York”, Salon 94, New York, in 2007 with “Kommando Friedrich Hölderlin Berlin”, Galerie Max Hetxler, Berlin and in January 2008 with “Kommando Riemenschneider”, Hospitalhof Stuttgart, Stuttgard, and “Kommando Giotto di Bondone, Giò Marconi, Milano.

Tags: André Butzer, Ben Cottrell, Matthias Dornfeld, Thilo Heinzmann, Andy Hope 1930, Peter Kamm, Maja Körner, Ulrich Wulff