GL Strand

Christian Krohg and Bohemian Kristiania

08 Feb - 01 Jun 2014

Christian Krohg was one of the greatest Norwegian artists ever, best known in Denmark as one of the Danish Skagen painters, but he was also Edvard Munch’s teacher, influenced by the Danish freethinking critic Georg Brandes, and a public debater who pointed to social inequities.

The exhibition at GL STRAND will show how his social commitment was expressed in his works. The focus of the exhibition is the time of the so-called “Kristiania Bohemians” – a political and cultural movement at the end of the 1880s in what is now the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Christian Krohg was a crucial member of the group, as was his wife – the emancipated and lionized artist Oda Krohg, who is depicted as muse, bohemian princess and loving mother in his works. Through the portrait form he challenged the female roles of the time and put faces to social inequality in the society he wanted to change.

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