GL Strand

FLOWER AND CIGAR Modernism from ARoS

26 Jan - 12 May 2013

Karl Isakson: Plateau with oranges and daffodils, 1911. ARoS. Photo: Ole Hein Pedersen.
Harald Giersing: Dansers tidying themselves, 1920. ARoS. Photo: Ole Hein Pedersen.
Edvard Weie: A forrest road, ca. 1932. ARoS.
Photo: Ole Hein Pedersen.
Modernism from ARoS
26 January – 12 May 2013

Friday 25 January 4.30 pm for press and with invite

The Danish masterpieces, which many thought they knew the works of Giersing, Lundstrøm, Weie and others, reveal new sides of themselves in the exhibition FLOWER AND CIGAR, namely a masculine and feminine focus, about sex and what goes with it. The exhibition at GL STRAND is a fascinating presentation of the best of Danish modernism.

With this exhibition FLOWER AND CIGAR. Modernism from ARoS Kunstforeningen GL STRAND presents one of the most important collections of Danish modernism. It is exuberant and experimental painting with a focus on the painting’s artistic means such as: form, colour, line and space inspired by the avant-garde movements around Europe.

The works in the exhibition represent a new, expressive painting from the period of 1908-41. At the same time the figure paintings, landscapes and still life paintings tell us about female and male fantasies and idealizations. The paintings are flanked by quotes by artists and critics of their time and make the past attitudes present for a contemporary audience. Framed by this vivid communication the exhibition will focus on the artistic renewal, where the modern painting is confronted by the masculine and feminine sides of the period. This creates an entirely new and compelling insight into a number of masterpieces of Danish Modernism.

"It is fantastic to see the works unfold in an entirely new context. Not only in relation to the new formal ideas in the past, but also as cultural documents on the relationship between men and women and the artists conceptions of the male and the female”, explains curator, Dr. Phil. Lennart Gottlieb, who was in charge of ARoS’ great success MODERNISM. Painting renewal 1908-41, which FLOWER AND CIGAR is based upon.

Artists represented in the exhibition: Ebba Carstensen, Franciska Clausen, Harald Giersing, Karl Isakson, Carl Jensen, Jens Adolf Jerichau, Svend Johansen, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Albert Naur, Olaf Rude, William Scharff, Christine Swane, Sigurd Swane and Edvard Weie.

Lennart Gottlieb, Dr. Phil. will introduce the exhibition at a PRESS CONFERENCE WITH LUNCH on Wednesday 23 January at 11.00 pm. Registration for the press conference on +45 33 36 02 63 /

For more information please contact curator Pernille Fonnesbech:
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