GL Strand


25 May - 08 Sep 2013

Henrik Vibskov, Bird Kite Necks, Photo Torben Strøyer
Henrik Vibskov


25 May – 8 Sep. 2013

GL STRAND presents the first major solo exhibition in Denmark by artist, musician, and designer Henrik Vibskov. Henrik Vibskov works in a unique inter-aesthetical field that cuts across design, music, performance, stage- and installation art. Rapidly he has achieved international recognition for his innovative multimedia art experiments, and his spectacular fashion collections, and -shows.

In GL STRAND’s exhibition Vibskov unfolds his creative excess when he transforms the gallery’s entire first and second floor into one vast installation. NECK PLUS ULTRA will be a comprehensive gesamtkunstwerk dissolving the traditional boundaries between art genres: music, sculpture, design, and film are thus incorporated on equal footing with imagery, photography, fashion, set design and audio.

The title NECK PLUS ULTRA is a pun on the Latin nec plus ultra, "nothing farther beyond" - an expression which, according to Greek mythology was engraved on the pillars standing at the end of the known World. Concomitantly 'neck' refers to the anatomical link between head and body - and precisely necks and heads from birds, comprise a surprising and essential part of the exhibition.

The audience may look forward to an imaginative and precisely choreographed installation, in which Henrik Vibskov, with tunnels and tents, bird’s legs and knitted sculptures, udfolds the exhibition's overall narrative: the exploration of rituals and transitions as well as our attempts to make sense of complex structures.

Vibskov has received numerous awards for his work, including the Söderberg Prize, widely considered to be the world's largest design prize. He has exhibited extensively in art galleries and institutions including shows at PS1 - MoMA in New York, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the ICA in London and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris in collaboration with artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Henrik Vibskov, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND and Galerie des Galeries in Paris, where NECK PLUS ULTRA was featured from February 27th to May 4th 2013.

Art works and installations presented in Paris were produced with the support of the Galeries Lafayette.

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