GL Strand

Jesper Christiansen


03 Feb - 22 Apr 2018

Jesper Christiansen, 'Well We Must Wait for the Future to Show', 2011-2012, acrylic, chalk, water, clour, gesso on linen, 250 x 275 cm. Photo: Galerie Mikael Andersen and the artist


3rd FEBRUARY 2018 - 22nd APRIL 2018

GL STRAND presents the well-established Danish painter, Jesper Christiansen, in a comprehensive exhibition of works from the previous five to six years as well as all new paintings created on the occasion. The exhibition 'Touchstone' composes image and text; painting and literature — and allows the two media to enter a thoroughly composed staging, where the white museum cube is replaced with an intimate and colourful interior that leads the thoughts towards a sumptuous home with a library and salon.

For a number of years, Jesper Christiansen has worked with the relationship between the written language, the image, and the painting. In Touchstone, Christiansen finds inspiration in personal readings of literary masterpieces, which he combines with impressions and thoughts from near and far; for example travel diaries or impressions from the home and its surroundings in Odsherred in northern Zealand. The paintings are staged in a theatrical yet homelike scenography, in which the visitor is given the opportunity to delve into a rich archival material of novels, artist books, sketches, and works by other artists, just as the paintings and drawings which have acted as inspiration for Jesper Christiansen are present.