GL Strand

Mario Testino

No Limits

13 May - 18 Sep 2016

No Limits
1.-3. Sal
13 May - 18 September 2016

Kunstforeningen GL STRAND presents the work of Mario Testino, one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers, over the summer of 2016. No Limits explores multiple facets in Testino’s practice; it does not seek to compartmentalize his sensibilities, but rather demonstrate the juxtapositions and boundaries he pushes. Three specific themes are presented over the three levels of the museum: fashion photography with iconic portraiture; the nude; and royal portraits alongside high fashion images. Testino’s work has long been recognized for its glamour and beauty, as well as the emotional connection between the photographer and sitter, though he has always explored new ways of expression.

In close relationship, GL STRAND and Mario Testino have developed a unique presentation of works, specially conceived for Copenhagen. In the classic, intimate rooms of GL STRAND, the photographer’s work that exceeds the categories of fashion, formal portraiture and nudes is explored, bringing together iconic images of supermodels, musicians, actors, actresses and royalty, including unseen portraits of Denmark’s Crown Princess and Crown Prince.

Working against prevailing perceptions has been a focal point for Mario Testino since the beginning of his career. The exhibition will bring us close to a body of work that constantly opposes the existing limitations of a particular genre and its fixed conventions. Fashion photography slides into the portrait’s characteristics and onwards the nude pictures and vice versa. Thus, the juxtapositions of genres and contexts both perform and display Testino’s composite work characterized by multiple inspirations. Respectful of the context set for the particular assignment, Testino brings forward a special notion of ease and beauty transcending all of his images.

Always bringing forth beauty and sensuousness his work is in highest demand globally. Famous for working towards that special moment that transcends the person portrayed, his portraits prevail a certain ease and comfort that is visible for everybody. And the result is an image that is seductive, welcoming, and sensual at the same time, though not afraid to suggest a more provocative and confrontational look at other times. Each context has its own possibilities, and Mario Testino is known for pushing the limits bringing forth energy, sex and optimism.