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Nathalie Djurberg: Snakes Knows It's Yoga LAST CHANCE 13 NOVEMBER !!

27 Aug - 13 Nov 2011

Snakes Knows It's Yoga

Faith, spirituality and superstition! The young Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg has created a puppet world and draws us into a world of seduction and crossing of boundaries. With Snakes Knows it’s Yoga her works are presented for the first time in a large scale solo exhibition in Denmark.
The exhibition’s thematic focus scopes mankind’s search for meaning through faith, spirituality and superstition.
In an impressive, jungle labyrinth of sculptural works and animation films Djurberg has staged puppets of orthodox priests, meditating yogis and seductive girls. The colourful lighting and music throughout the exhibition, created by Djurberg’s partner and composer Hans Berg, adds to the installation both a disturbing and atmospheric dimension.

In GL STRAND’s cinema we will also screen a number of selected earlier film works by Nathalie Djurberg. The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue created together with the artists.

Nathalie Djurberg (b. 1978, Lysekil, Sweden) lives and works in Berlin. Her prime medium has since her time at the Academy at Malmø Kunstakademi been animated puppet films. In 2009 she received the Silverlion at the Venice Biennale for Promising Young Artist.

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