GL Strand

Zoe Williams: You Consume Me

22 Feb - 25 May 2014

In 2012 Zoe Williams won the EXTRACT Prize for her contri­bu­tion to the Young International Award exhibition EXTRACT II. With the EXTRACT Prize, which is awarded by the foundation The Obel Family Foundation, comes a solo exhibition at Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, and now Zoe Williams is unveiling a major unified presentation of new works.

Focusing on the magnetic attraction of small exclusive objects and references to beauty, sexuality and fertility, with You Consume Me Zoe Williams has created an aesthetic staging of a variety of media and materials. In the exhibition Williams plays with our expectations of the meanings and functions of objects. She does so not least through fragmentary references to the traditional milieu and presentation forms of the luxury goods industry. The modes of expression in the exhibition include inciting musical soundscapes and video presentations of exclusive fetish objects, glossy jade-coloured exhibition stands with objects whose miniature forms and materials radiate desirable exclusiveness, as well as photographic images and light-boxes.

Zoe Williams (b. 1983 in Salisbury, UK) lives and works in Glasgow. She is continuously interested in investigating the sensualities of specific luxury milieux and materials and their so-called ontologies. Her works and praxis thus revolve around investi­ga­tions of the governing mechanisms of desire, power and status underlying objects.

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