Martin van Zomeren

Back in 5 minutes

10 Jun - 16 Jul 2016

Christoph Bruckner, Untitled
empty tablet blisters of the artist's antidepressants cast with polyester resin, 2014
© Courtesy of the Artist and Martin Van Zomeren
Group Show:
Christoph Bruckner, Giulia Cenci, Christine Moldrickx, Navid Nuur, Oscar Abraham Pabón, Wilfredo Prieto, Ehsan Ul Haq, Robbert Weide
10 June - 16 July 2016

My name is ABSENTIA
but, I'm not absent.

However, no one seems
to see or hear me.

But I'm everywhere.

[Extract from 'ABSENTIA' by Vernon J. Davis Jr.]

Tags: Navid Nuur, Wilfredo Prieto